The Digital Matrix Review: Ministry of War

ministry3By Matt Storer

Ministry of War is the newest online game to from Snail Games. It is a multi-player game that allows you to build an empire in one of four civilizations. You advance your empire from era-to-era, building armies and cities as well as creating trade with other online players. It is your challenge to design and manage your emprire so that you can have access to more opportunities, soldiers, and missions.

The game begins with a quick and easy to understand tutorial. Whatever you don’t learn in the tutorial is simple to pick up later by exploring the different screens and buttons. You begin by building and upgrading different buildings that give you advantages, soldiers and research. In the suburbs, you find and build all your different mines and farms. You also begin with a hero who you can equip and give troops to manage to fight different creatures and bad guys in the area.

ministry2The different screens are easy to manage and in the beginning there is plenty to do and explore. You will build quickly. It would be smart as you are building to check out what you want to build in advance and see what requirements you have to fulfill to accomplish your goals.

The graphics and images are interesting and finely rendered. There is a simplicity involved in the game graphics that played well with the setting that I appreciated.

My criticism would begin once you’ve invested time into the game and reach the Feudal Age, things really start to slow down. Building and researching can take an hour for one upgrade to be achieved. In that time, you can manage the rest of your heroes, missionaries, and merchants. However, after everybody has been sent on their respective tasks, it gets monotonous really quickly. Fighting the same enemies with your heroes can get a bit tedious. I combated this problem with trying to have several things going on at once: getting more heroes and missionaries and moving around just to keep busy.


Since I was playing in the beta testing, I didn’t get a chance to test the arena function since there weren’t many other players out there to do this with. However, my experiance with other Snail Games tells me that this portion of things should be just as interesting and easy to navigate as it has in their other games.

Ministry of War is an interesting and family friendly game. The people at Snail Games have never allow rude or crude behavior on their social games and do a nice job of monitoring that kind of activity. Concerned parents can rest easy and freely let their kids play this game.

Ministry is currently in Closed Beta. Requests for beta key access can be made at

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